What is "Spiritual Direction"?

Upon His ascension into the heavens, Jesus Christ famously instructed His disciples with what has become known today as "the Great Commission:" to go into all the earth and make disciples (Matthew 28:19). Unfortunately, many churches today have forgotten not only what it means to make disciples, but even what a disciple is! Dallas Willard has written extensively about this issue in many of his books, referring to the problem as "the great omission."

Today, the problem has only increased. Many denominations have traded orthodoxy and doctrine for convenience and cultural relevance. As a whole, the Evangelical Western church has no creed, sings songs of little theological significance, and has discarded in large part the authority and divine nature of Scripture.

"My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge... A people without understanding will come to ruin."
Hosea 4:6,14

Christians today struggle to have answers for basic theological questions, let alone have developed complex understanding of things like Theodicy or the nature of God. This deficiency has left many Christians ill prepared to engage with today's cultural attacks upon the church. It has contributed to Biblical illiteracy, a general lack of wisdom, and to a worldview that does not reflect their professed faith.

Spiritual direction is an opportunity to receive Biblical guidance and counsel, to grow as a disciple of Christ, to expand one's understanding of Scripture, and to develop a deeper relationship with God. Whether you are hoping to grow in wisdom and make Godly decisions or simply deepen the understanding of your faith, spiritual direction can be a helpful tool for this kind of growth.

What's So Important About "Worldview"?

Spiritual direction will always have the primary goal of creating in a person a Biblical worldview. This is a view of the world that is built upon foundational Biblical principles that will determine how you interpret and interact with the world. Your worldview will be expressed in everything you do and say. As a disciple of Christ our desire ought to be to align our worldview with His, not with culture.

book on top of table and body of water
book on top of table and body of water

Whether you desire to grow in wisdom and understanding, develop a more Biblical worldview, or a deeper, more authentic walk of faith, effective spiritual direction can help you on your journey.